Monday, April 30, 2012

Cat and Mouse

It was a game of cat and mouse plus man and woman last night. 

Robbie and I were both upstairs enjoying separate entertainment in different rooms. It all started when I heard a noise that sounded like a door being closed downstairs. I few seconds go by and I naturally asked Robbie if he'd heard it and if he'd check it out (damsel in distress, ya know?) So I hear him walk into the hallway and he said, "Kitten brought us a present....It's a mouse!" 

Now, originally it looked like one of her play mice that we give her that have been soaked in cat nip, clearly this mouse's tail was a little too real and that's what gave it away. He was playing dead upon first glance, I mean I would too if I'd been ripped from my humble abode of a garage and then gotten carried up a flight of stairs. This is our first totally freaked out view of the mouse.

That tail was all I needed to see to know we were in for trouble!
Then Mr. Mouse came to his senses and darted around upstairs, ending up right in front of our bedroom door where I was clearly squatting on top of the bed so as not to touch the floor. We decided to close all the doors, leaving me wondering what in the world was going on out there! The mouse ran downstairs, Kitten in tow and found more corners to hide in.

See that gray piece next to the lamp cord, that's definitely our mouse.

Then Robbie, realizing he is weaponless grabs a broom from the garage which ended up working in his favor. It's just too bad the broom wasn't 10 feet long!

There's no way I was going down there until the mouse was clear from that corner.

Thar she blows! Running to the front door as if to say, "Please let me out of here, I swear I won't come back again!"

Then we moved into the kitchen. We were thinking alright, there's just cabinets around here, no way a mouse could hide anywhere in here, right? Wrong.

The dishwasher.

Little did we know there was a small space under the dishwasher, perfect for a mouse to sneak in and take a breather for a minute.

Until we took the panel off with a screwdriver. This mouse had no chance!

Come out, come out where ever you are!

She was serious business.

It worked! The mouse ran back to the front door. That's when we thought, ok we've gotta get this thing out of here. With a clawless kitty, it was up to us to finish the job.

Ew. Just ew.

This was actually the funniest part of it all. The mouse knew the way out was through Robbie and would run toward him. He would use the broom to throw the mouse into the air and toward the door. It hit the door a few times. He's probably out in the world with a head ache and anxiety right now. But he's out of our house and that's all that matters! Boy it was an eventful night.

I was a little nervous about coming downstairs this morning. I'm keeping my feet up a little more today.

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