Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Well there goes January and February I guess! This website was collecting a bit of dust yeah? Sorry for the lack of updates but I have caught you up on everything that has happened in our lives since the first of the year below. Just grab your hot beverage of choice and pull up a comfy chair, you may be here a while.

In other news....lots going on to share here! We have sold our house! Yes, we did, before it was even on the market. My dad has been working overtime and beyond everyday this month and many days in January and it looks amazing. We will close on our house February 25th and our new house in Clarksville February 27th. We are looking forward to being closer to Robbie's job and living about 20 minutes from campus rather than 50!

We also found out we are expecting baby number 2! Yup, Liam is going to be a big brother. 


January 7

On January 7 Liam wore my favorite outfit and was just generally very cute.

January 11

On January 11 I got to be in some photos.

January 14

On January 14 Liam suddenly looked very big and helped himself to the new popcorn.

Citrus Lane

Our January Citrus Lane box was great!

We are enjoying these items on a daily basis, other than the hot chocolate on a stick because obviously yum yum!
Liam received a red dipping plate, a wooden twisting earthworm and a sweet pet book.

Super Bowl Sunday

Looked like this for us.

February 8

We have officially finished the upstairs! (By "we" I mean my dad) 

It looks beautiful as a 3rd bedroom in the house and Liam LOVES playing up there.

These photos were taken before all the finishing touches were made. More to come!

Feb. 11

Nothing significant happened on this day, just updating from my extreme lack of photos.

Because TEETH!

Because hands.


Nashville has literally shut down due to ice.

Enough said.

We have an awesome bamboo tunnel!

This bamboo normally stands 30 feet tall and covers our neighbors house.