Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Our Florida visit

On the airplane to Orlando!

Liam got new cars for the flight and held them tight the entire flight. He may have only loosely relaxed those clenched fingers for a short nap.

This. Nearly the entire time on the beach. "Ew Ew Ew".

He still talks about the dolphins and rocks from this day.


Oh yeah, give him a ball and he's happy.

Olivia's one of few photo. She took many naps and sunrise strolls by the water ...not a photo opportunity for anyone.

Olivia and her 2nd cousin Daniel (3 months and 7 months old)

2 out of 3 looking is like hitting the jackpot at their age.

Disney Lego store

Build a Lego car then race it. They would have stayed there all day.

Because those legs!!

A quick cool off from the stroller.

8 months!