Thursday, April 12, 2012


Today's assignment was to take a picture of stairs. I thought about getting all nature-y and finding some natural rocks or wooden ones but in the end I came up with something else.
The stairs on Ellen.

Maya Rudolph was super funny today but it got me thinking about everyone's entrance onto the show. If you're not familiar with the show, Ellen always plays a song while people walk out on the show, I'm assuming to encourage them to make fools of themselves and dance. Some do, some don't. But EVERYONE has to walk down these 3 awkward stairs right when they turn the corner from backstage. One day, someone is going to fall. I imagine Ellen thanking them, giving them an awesome prize, and saying something along the lines of "It took us 10 seasons but finally, we gotcha" (or something).

Enough of's some cool Instagrams.

side view mirror pic

view from the top of the Adventure Science Center

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