Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DIY alphabet sorting

Today I thought of another use for Bananagrams. I have been taking care of a 2 and 4 year old after school a few days a week and today they finally started roaming the house looking for toys. Clearly we have none suitable for that age group. After a few minutes searching the living room, they found Bananagrams. The only rules were that the tiles have to stay on the blanket. Pretty simple. 

I've never seen 5 Skittles last so long as they do with her.

After looking through and touching almost every single letter, I decided to make it educational (it's the preschool teacher in me). I grabbed a piece of notebook paper and wrote every letter of the alphabet down. Then I chose one tile and asked her to match it with one letter on the paper. She did great; did it even faster on her second turn.

It was an activity they both enjoyed doing and took all of 1 minute to prepare. The colored blanket helped too.

That would be the cat's ribbon that he loves to play with.

After we matched the letters on the paper we sorted them onto different colored circles. 

Bananagrams now has a new purpose!

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