Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bottle plus

Saturday was the best day. Robbie and I spent the entire day together until I had to go babysit at 4:30. We rarely get to do that! The day was jam packed with one thing after the next.

First I'll start with my photo assignment. Bottle.

We've got plenty of those

Our day began with a community service project. It was at Trevecca and they invited about 30 kids to come play. Boy did they ever enjoy it. There was a collection of TNU athletes who were getting community service hours. I also got to log some hours for my Masters, whoo hoo.

Three Leg Race

Duck Duck Goose

The whole group, kids and TNU athletes

Robbie couldn't resist the opportunity to type just one email

After lunch we stopped for a warm drink at the Frothy Monkey.

yummy hot chocolate

 We even found out through Twitter that Karen Kingsbury was sitting 7 feet away from us!

just working on a brand new book

She even tweeted about us!

I did eventually say hi :)
Then we made our way over Grimey's for record store day. Oh man it was packed but so much fun. For some unknown reason I like Neon Trees; I even bought their new cd. They had bands playing outside and we had a great view.

the crowd for Jeff the Brotherhood

Jeff the Brotherhood
Oh and another random find throughout the day was Jack White's truck.

you know, from The White Stripes
Babysitting was awesome; the girls are just getting so big! 5 and 7 going on 13 is a fun age!

all ready f or the American Girl doll party
It was a great day. I'm so glad Robbie and I got to spend the day together as now he's off on his last golf trip till the fall. Play well guys!

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