Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Great news! I found another photo a day for May. I'm pretty excited, hope you are too. 

Yesterday was a hugely busy day and I mean huge. I really got the chance to see what it's like to be a soccer mom, literally. After school I had the kids. First we had a birthday party at 4-we made cards for the birthday boy and they each got to put $5 in their envelope for him. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Since the party was at Glow Galaxy, we borrowed some white clothes from of the perks of the extra clothes stash at school! Now we had avoided a trip to Target.

We left the party early to get to soccer, took the pizza in the parking lot (because we don't eat in Mrs. Megan's car) and quickly ate all they could. They were thrilled when I told them they could eat their gummies in the car! Who knew?!

So we hurried along to soccer. Going from Cool Springs to First Pres quickly at 5 on a Tuesday was not in our favor though. We were a few minutes late to soccer, whoops. 

All that to lead into my picture assignment. Peace.

Two very empty car seats

It was a small moment of peace.

Then I rushed home to turn around and rush to CPA to hear Karen Kingsbury talk. It was great, she's so intriguing and inspiring. I blogged about her a while ago. If you missed it, you can check it out here.

They had some of Karen's books for sale last night too. I got an entire series of 5 books for $10! What a steal!

I will say, it was a rather fun experience to be way busy one afternoon. It makes me grateful for my moments of peace that I get at home with my little family of a hubby and a cat. 

I have this great opportunity to teach children; each and every day is a gift. 


  1. sounds like my life:)! and, sooooo glad you got to hear karen talk. isn't she great?!

  2. She's awesome! My mom and I enjoyed hearing her talk. Getting the books so cheap was an awesome added bonus!