Tuesday, December 31, 2013

An Outing

Today we went to Opryland Hotel with our neighbors. It's a Nashville tradition this time of year. Even though we went during the day and missed the lights they are known for, it was a great outing! We love fellowshipping with the Jones' and their sweet daughter.

Here's to a simple, joyful, beautiful 2014.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

December Daily 24 and 25

The big ones, we made it. 

We started it all off with pizza. Mom's Little Caesar's skills from age 15 came shining through.

Robbie got his birthday present - a bathroom window installed!

Liam's first present and he liked the paper. Figures.

Christmas Eve brunch with the Meyers - favorite tradition.

Christmas love around my parent's house.

Liam's haul.

At Nikki and Pop's house. Loved the crib!

Monday, December 23, 2013

December Daily 22 and 23

There I go again, skipping a day. When we actually have a life outside of the home at night I tend to push the updates aside....as I should. I can always update you at any time. Like now.

Yesterday we went to a coaches dinner with Liam in tow. We were thinking the worst as he did not take the 3 hour afternoon nap as expected. More like 45 minutes. But he certainly surprised us and just ate up all the attention he got at dinner. I snapped a shot of Robbie getting the babe ready to go. 

As for today we have been Nashvillians and showed Erin and her boyfriend, Phillip, Barista Parlor, our character-ridden coffee shop.

I'll leave you with Liam.

I love that profile

Saturday, December 21, 2013

December Daily 21

As I write this I am hearing tornado sirens and the meteorologist telling me about squall lines(?) and thunderstorms. We spent the past hour in the basement with a sleeping baby (luckily!) and have come out of our safe place as we are just having a storm now. 73 degrees on December 21 will do that to you Tennessee!

Everything is different when you have another precious life to provide for and protect.

Ah. My heart rate may now decrease.

My sweet nativity got an upgrade!

Hallelujah indeed.
 Kitty baths are always better under the Christmas tree.

Bathing boy pictures from tonight.

Mohawk baby

Stay safe Nashville!