Friday, April 6, 2012

DIY camera bag

Warning: If you are into sewing at all, this is NOT the post for you. If you are at all into cats, this IS the post for you.

I'm so happy I finished this project the same day I started it! These camera bags that look like purses can sell upwards of $300. I bought the purse at TJ Maxx and decided to make the padding myself.
starting product $30
I also got 1 yard of fabric, 1 inch padding that measured 14x14, and stick on velcro-all for $12

the foam Kitten clearly needed to check out
all crafty products from Hobby Lobby
I measured the foam in the purse then cut the fabric about 1 inch bigger than the foam. 
Kitten helped
I cut two pieces of fabric the same size and sewed 3 sides together inside-out. Then I turned it right-side-in, stuffed the foam into the fabric, and folded the edges down to sew them together.
don't look too closely, the seam will clearly go toward the bottom of the purse so I never have to see it again

I put one piece of foam in the bottom without velcro.

Then I attached velcro to the foam inserts and the inside of the purse.

Overall it was a pretty fun project! The best part is it only cost me $42 instead of $200.
I'm saving room on the outer edges for lenses one day :)

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  1. i love it!!!!! the fabric is great with the yellow bag...looks SO megan!