Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The assignment....cold.
The photos... cream.

also mmm...air conditioning
Hope your plants make it through tonight's freeze!

I bought Easter candy, after Easter, because it was on sale, naturally. Apparently we've hit the age where you're too old for the fun-celebrating-holidays-the-way-you-used-to, but don't have kids of our own yet. So no egg hunt, no sprinting through the house for jelly beans and Cadberry mini eggs, just a grown up (super yummy) Easter dinner. And a very cute Easter basket from his parents, which we've almost devoured....hence the new candy.

Oh and my shoes came! They're so cute and more mustardy than I thought which I actually love. Spring has sprung!


  1. Love the blog and love you!!!! Thanks for being so awesome! I could have been your cold picture today lol

  2. I did think about taking a picture of our classroom!