Sunday, December 1, 2013

Our first Thanksgiving

We had our first Thanksgiving as a family of 3! 
Liam travels very well as does all the stuff we needed for one baby. He slept very little in the car but was surprisingly not cranky while he was awake. He was a very good backseat partner!
We had to spend an extra day in Bluff City for the snow they got there which made for some beautiful pictures....

Thanks Uncle Bill and Nancy for the beautiful scenery!

Liam slept very well in the pack n play in both Bluff City and in Gettysburg. It was his first big road trip and I am glad we spent two days getting to and from Gettysburg. 

He loves rubbing the sheet to soothe himself. I see an eye peeking out!

I love that gummy smile!

His new trick is sitting up on his elbows. 

Courtney and Lauren reading to Liam before bed. He loved having so much attention and I appreciated the help!
Liam's first Thanksgiving was a good one! He put up a bit of a fuss this afternoon and tonight which we are hoping is just him adjusting to being back home and getting back on a better sleep schedule. We had a great time spending time with Robbie's dad's side of the family and look forward to this trip every year. There's no place like home though!

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