Wednesday, December 18, 2013

December Daily 18

I feel like I have failed you today as I took not a single picture on my camera. The absolute only picture I took was of the sunset as I was on a walk with my neighbor. It was a beauty alright!

Oh and I took a video of the back of Liam's head as he had JUST ROLLED OVER!!! He did it twice actually, then nothing, just lay there squawking like the baby bird that we have been calling him. Which is still pretty cute in my opinion.

We also got our first box from Citrus Lane today! They have monthly boxes with 4-5 items tailored to your baby's age and gender. Super cool idea and takes the guesswork out of shopping for the little things your baby needs for their age and stage. We got an ornament kit (handprint or footprint), a frog lovey, great smelling natural ingredient lotion, and an awesome wooden rattle. 

Not my best work but you get the idea. Ew I hate photos with a flash.
Also kind of loving the flat stomach there-thanks stomach bug!
I'll keep trying to get the sneaky baby on camera rolling over. I would have thought it was a fluke had he not done it twice in a row! 

One week till Christmas. Are you ready to celebrate the reason for the season?

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