Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Daily 1

So there's this whole December Daily thing I just heard about today. What I gathered about it is that you make a little scrapbook about what you do every day of December to get ready for Christmas and how you celebrate the season. I absolutely love the Christmas season so this was just perfect for me! Instead of making an actual scrapbook <because let's get real, who has time for that> I decided to blog our December Daily. I want to remember everything about Liam being so tiny!

Aunt Carole sent us home with our Christmas gifts. She's so good!

We made it home today from our big Thanksgiving trip.

The distractions Liam loved.

Front seat leftovers.

We received the final pieces of our handmade <by Grandpa> and hand painted <by Aunt Lori> nativity scene today in the mail! I can't wait to put it up in the house! I think I have the perfect spot picked out. Thank you Grandpa and Aunt Lori!

Seeing as it is December now I had to change the paper. I have 3 packs of seasonal 12 x 12 paper and 4 frames that hang in the kitchen that rotates monthly/seasonally. 

Liam is discovering his hands and that they can go in his mouth!

My favorite color green.

This was the cranky face we saw <and HEARD!> plenty of this afternoon and evening. Our honeybear is sleeping soundly now and I expect it will be an early morning for this momma! He is sleeping 11 hours at night and I love him dearly for this.

December is off to a great start! We are enjoying being home and I plan on watching my first corny Christmas movie on ABC tonight.

Here's to tonight being a Silent Night....

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