Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Daily 4

Today was a momentous day. Of everything good and productive I did today the one thing that stands out is the bad thing I did. I hurt the baby. I made him cry. I can't wait for my mommy guilt to fade. I pinched his little belly in the stroller buckle and he cried actual tears. For the first time. Of course he was completely fine once the stroller started moving but I will never forget it. Ever.

Moving on to ringing in Christmas!

I put out the nativity scene today. Major props to my grandpa and Aunt Lori for hand carving and painting it! Thank you so much, I love it!

I am not sure but I think this is my Joseph, right Grandpa?
I put out the Christmas decor as well.

Nothing says Christmas like candles in the window, right?

I had to make room on the mantle for the hodgepodge of ornaments so the owls had to move. I just like them.
Of course Liam needs to make an appearance. We tried tummy time again.

Also I am so thankful for sweet artistic neighbors who can make beautiful creations such as this.

On another note, I'm not crazy about the whole Santa Claus thing. The biggest part of the whole deal is the "be good, Santa is watching". I don't mind the magic and imagination that comes along with him...luckily we have a few years until we really have to start answering those questions. This book was perfect for explaining that Jesus is the reason for the season. I highly suggest it for anyone going through a Santa Q and A.

I tried an outdoor photo shoot with the boy today as it was 75 degrees! Most of the pictures flopped and I realized why photographers have assistants! 

Sleeping chubby baby legs made an appearance today. I am in love.

Now to watch Nashville with my main man! 
Fa la la la la.

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