Thursday, December 5, 2013

December Daily 5

In taking all of the 3 month sized clothes to the attic Liam now has a new 6 month wardrobe. A while ago I bought this onesie through a National Down Syndrome Society campaign supported by Kelle Hampton. I absolutely love her blog. You can check her out here. She has really inspired me to photograph more!

"Teach me to soar and I will". I will baby. Oh how I will.

We made a trip to Tweed Baby Outfitters to buy a gift for a friend's baby shower this weekend. I love how simply cheerful they wrap.

This is a sneak peek of what Liam got for an early Christmas present. He will debut it tomorrow!

Our mantle is awaiting the arrival of our stockings I ordered from West Elm. I loved a little candle light on the rainy and chilly day we had today!

He lasted a bit longer on his belly today. I had an array of toys available for him to explore/put his mouth on and he didn't seem to mind. 

Merry Merry!

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