Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December Daily 3

Another nice normal day of getting back into our swing of things and we enjoyed it. A walk at Radnor Lake, a trip to Trader Joe's, and a visit with grams and grandpa! Liam laid down much easier tonight and at his normal time of 7. I hope he's getting back into his routine!

We stopped by my old preschool to see the Christmas trees the boy scouts sell every year there. I loved this time of year for taking our kids into the teepee and experiencing the sights and smells of the trees!

Liam and I watched tonight as Grams put ornaments on the tree at their house.

Liam had his second run at tummy time that lasted about 4 minutes before he hated it. Par for the course around these parts. 

We have loved having a fireplace this winter!

We were trying to get into the Christmas spirit by watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation however Netflix was not cooperating. Lame.
<side note...my favorite part is when the cat blows up under the chair and the perfect "POOOOOOOF"  noise it makes>
I am not normally a fan of harming animals, but in the name of comedy, this is just funny.

Another favorite scene of Robbie's

Even though we didn't actually watch the movie we at least got to revisit our favorite scenes.

I will be traveling with my camera now so as not to miss many moments to be captured for my December daily. iPhone photos just don't share as well.

Better pictures to come tomorrow!

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