Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December Daily 16 and 17

I'm bundling these together as one day was sub-par and I only got one picture due to the stomach bug I had today. Yuck. I had a wonderful husband who stayed home from work this morning to ensure I was strong enough to be with Liam. We spent about 90% of the day in bed today, plus jammies, and I loved it. I'm thinking about going to bed after this too....it's 7 pm.

I did sneak in a photo of the baby using his hands! This is his newest trick and he's so proud of himself.

Yesterday was pretty successful as well. After his round of personal training from Aunt-E he started grabbing the toys on his bouncer. Proud momma.

I snuck in a cute sleeping pic as the sun was so gorgeous on Monday.

He loves to have his face covered. Don't worry, the blankets are breathable.
 Oh one of my favorite sights ever is the bookmark on top of the book I just finished.

Mornings come early around here and Liam has been waking up around sunrise or just before which makes for very cool Christmas tree light shadows.


I'm hoping tomorrow brings healthier adventures our way!

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