Friday, December 13, 2013

December Daily 13

We had a pretty tame day today. It started with a nice morning full of toys and I introduced Liam to stuffed animals. He naturally loved them as they do not hit as hard on the lip as they enter the mouth.

 Tiny dinosaur foot peeking out!

We had some cool frost patterns on our window this morning.

Winter means time with dad during the day for Liam and we are loving it!

Tonight was the annual Christmas dinner at Trevecca and we got to go just the two of us thanks to Liam's Nikki! We had a great time and I am realizing how important it is for us to connect as adults outside of our comfy home. We need to have conversation and be able to just be together. 

My how so much has changed in one year....! We bought a house, I finished my masters program at Trevecca, we had a baby, I've gained some major length on my hair since shaving it in June of 2012, we are living on one income. We are living with more in so many ways and yet find ourselves wanting so much less. Funny how babies change you in an instant.

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