Saturday, December 7, 2013

December Daily 7

We had such a great time at Stephanie's baby shower today. Well, I did, Liam slept through most of it, cried through half of it, and ate after the majority of girls had left. He needs to get out more!

I loved putting together this basket of my favorite things for Stephanie!

Beautiful setting for a baby shower

Yes that is Liam under there.
On the way home we drove through Shelby Park which we normally do. What was not normal is that I actually had my camera this time.

We came home and tried to watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas". Liam lasted 5 minutes before he was ready for a nap. I at least made it through the entire thing before I took a nap.

Another sample of Robbie's handy work....

My parents came to visit to watch the OSU/MSU game tonight. Liam stayed up till 8:30(!) to spend some time with them. He's a football guy already. (Or maybe it's just the tv in general!)

I got very close to getting a picture of my favorite face. Mind you, he is making no noise as he is making this face. He tries to be so pitiful.
 Is it working?

We loved getting out and feeling the chill on our cheeks today. Spending the rest of the day cozy in sweats at home was equally as nice!

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