Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Everyday beauty

Things have been going a mile a minute around here so it's nice to be able to stop and snap a few shots every now and then.

Yesterday was officially the last day of going to the preschool until summer camp starts in June. It feels good to have officially started summer.

At our school we have a parent committee that gives us a teacher appreciation lunch every year and every year it never fails to be amazing. We get to visit a part of the church campus we don't normally get to, the Cheek House. Apparently the church property used to be owned by the Cheek's and their original house is still standing and in working condition to house our appreciation lunch every year. It.Is.Beautiful. (and a bit creepy). It is rumored to be haunted, good thing we have an appreciation lunch and not dinner!

This was the view down one of the hallways. My favorite part is the shadow being cast by the chair.

We visit this fish "pond" with our kids often. This beautiful new pot was a great addition.

I'm always on the look out for beautiful sky pictures!

Last night Robbie and I got to take advantage of one of my end-of-the-year teacher gifts.


How about the last week of school when Jess was dead set on being on time to work....


She beat me.
Happy summer!

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