Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Something that makes me happy

Knock, knock....anybody home?

With preschool winding down, masters classes picking back up for the summer, and our house going on the market, life as I know it has changed for the busy. Daily photo assignments have slacked, the fun and impromptu bringing out the camera moments have slowly escaped me, and the blog has grown some cobwebs. 

I enjoy this, I need this. Taking pictures is a true joy and seems to be helping me find balance in this crazy situation called life.

Something that makes me happy....

Any time I am holding this out of the camera bag

This weekend, oh man, the rain just kept coming and coming! It was very reminiscent of the flood a couple years ago. When the clouds finally parted on Monday, I saw this wonderful sight.

Rainbows never cease to amaze me

A few more happy gems I found...

We are serious business about fun at school

I love capturing rain drops on anything. It is such a beautiful thing.


So there ya have it. Some things that make me happy. 

Share your smile today; make someone else happy :)

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