Tuesday, April 1, 2014


We have seen spring and it is beautiful! The 82 it got to today was a little too close to summer but we'll take it. 

We are in the midst of getting new windows installed per my dad, PeePaw Grandpa and it is a beautiful thing. Huge thank you dad! Photo to come.

Some spring to warm you northerners up.

The backyard that isn't technically ours.........yet.

Robbie planted lettuce - the spinach and arugula variety. He also started seeds of the same sorts.

The way back yard. We are thinking our neighbor (who technically owns it) will be bush-hogging it very soon. It.Needs.It.

Runny nose, allergy suffering, mouth breathing, drooly baby.

The concerned face after the pouty face after the nose wipe.
With cute baby rolls.

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