Thursday, April 17, 2014

16/52 plus Citrus Lane

We are quickly approaching 8 months. Yes, 8 months. It's crazy how time flies. I want to remember it all. Down to the smallest moment of how it made me feel when he snuggled into my shoulder or smiled at me from his crib when I gave him his paci for the umteenth time that night. All of it. The small and mundane to big momentous times like crawling and words. Weekly digital photos help, mini daily scribblings in a journal is where I'm heading.

Liam, 7 months and 29 days old.

Likes anything black he thinks he's not supposed to have.

Loves the blinds pulls.

Going after the black strap from my camera.

Our April Citrus Lane box arrived today. It's a good one!

We got a tugboat that can be used as a pitcher for rinsing baby's freshly shampoo'd head, Mrs. Meyer's dish soap (LOVE their products), 4 snack bowls, and an amazing book about colors. The illustrations are beautiful; this book will be a favorite of mine Liam's. We will definitely be on the look out for more Charley Harper books!

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