Sunday, April 6, 2014

Simply Saturday

This was our yesterday.

Robbie and Mike added mulch around the gardens. It.Smells.Amazing. No really, it's wood chips and smells like a school playground.

The windows! Still needing to paint the trim but hey, they're in and they are amazing! Thank you again dad!

Easter decor courtesy of my grandparents. 
Dog toy staring creepily courtesy of Liam's Nicki (Margie).
Teenaged boys playing ultimate frisbee in the street courtesy of our neighbors.

Liam's Nicki and uncle Ryan.

Basically the same picture but look at that adorable head tilt. Too cute.

Liam has no interest in crawling but loves to stand up. He makes the best proud-of-myself face and makes sure we notice.

We had a wonderfully successful and fun Saturday, thank you Abbotts!

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