Saturday, June 20, 2015

Photo Update

Pretty quiet around here lately.
Third trimester has arrived and has brought with it tired, hunger, and lack of patience. Thanks anyway, I'm good. Alas, the countdown to September begins!

This describes the three of them perfectly. Riley--always up for anything, especially if Hayden approves it. Hayden--let me  experiment with this real quick. Liam--I'll just hang back and watch.

He's all "mom did you see that?!"
 We accompanied Robbie on a recruiting day trip this week to Bowling Green, KY.
We found two of Liam's current favorites--airplanes and tractors.

He spun the wheels on every airplane.

Eeeeeeep.....look how cute!

Oh and today he gently persuaded us that this is exactly where this photo needs to be hung, by pressing as hard as he could on it. (Hence the squat).

They give me all the heart eyes when they sit together.

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