Monday, June 1, 2015

DIY tufted headboard

Ikea headboard for $300? Yes, it would have been easier. We took to harder, less expensive way this time and it paid off! The feeling of productivity that comes along with it isn't bad either.

We started off with completely different goals, Liam and I. I became extremely productive whilst he napped, if you can imagine.

This part took the entire morning! Just measuring to be sure where to put the buttons then drill the holes there. Having Robbie for this helped tremendously. What a huge boost to productivity!

After he drilled the holes we used Tacky Spray and stuck the foam pads to the board then covered it with batting.

Robbie used the staple gun to attach the batting and the fabric to the board.

I made buttons out of the same fabric we covered the board in.

This part took a much needed dinner break before tackling. The buttons. I couldn't follow the tutorials exactly as they read for getting the buttons sewn on so we improvised. I stuck the needle through the back of the wood, through the foam and out the front of the fabric. I strung my button through and tied 3 knots in the upholstery string to the button back.

We eventually pulled the string tight and fastened it to the board with the staple gun and hammered them even tighter to get a good hold. Now it was dangerously close to 8pm bed time for Liam and I didn't get any pictures as Robbie continued making progress.

We attached it to the wall using a heavy duty picture hanger, or cleat/bracket like this one.

The final product!

Break down of cost:
Plywood- $9 (it was cracked and I asked about it which surprisingly got me a discount!)
Bracket- $10.88
Fabric- $13.06 on sale
Thread- $1.79 after coupon
Tacky Spray- $7.99
Foam egg crates- 3 at $9.94 each
Batting- $7.97
Make your own Buttons- 3 at $1.77
Needle- $1.77

plus one day of our time!
Definitely worth it if you ask me, but my sore fingers might disagree. 

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