Saturday, February 22, 2014

8/52 plus

Reminding myself to keep it simple. 

This is the face he was making 90% of the time when we were outside today. I have never seen it before! Being by the creek brought it out of him.

Those feet!

Avocado was a bust. Too frustrating, he couldn't pick it up, wouldn't take it off the spoon, we'll try again another night. He did actually eat banana recently. And tomato...on accident. This was also his first time in the high chair which was a new experience in itself. We didn't want to squish his chubby checker thighs into the bumbo seat after four shots so he big boyed it up to no avail. We all survived though.

Loves being in this activity gym!

Feet reach the bottom comfortably now and he can push off the bottom a bit. He's finding out all sorts of tricks he can do.

It was gorgeous outside today! It was a wonderful taste of the spring to come, what short spring we will get at least. Liam loved it. Outside makes him so calm.
We are not used to being outside for pictures so many of these are taken with my ISO up way too high and some were a bust. I'm still learning, bear with me! Basically Liam just looks washed out and very pasty pale with a high ISO. Exhibit A...
Our backyard slope is JUST right for balancing!

Grams and Grandpa. Liam thought the ground was way more interesting.

I realized the ISO was too high and changed it for these last ones, skin looks more like normal skin.
I would like to add that I did cut his fingernails shortly after this. Those talons are brutal!

After a taste of that greenery there.

Light. Swoon.

My favorite.

All Liam. All the time. New blog title perhaps? That is apparently where this blog is heading.

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