Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Citrus Lane+

Citrus Lane delivers once again!

We received an adorable Tea brand long sleeve onesie, stacking boats, a baby food pouch that Liam devoured last night, and the best dish soap by Mrs. Meyers.
Thanks Grams!

To fully grasp the joy in his destruction mess learning, I've added a progression of photos for you.

He's exploring the house on his own. This leads to him leaving my lap at library story time, which I encourage for our cautious, sensitive little man. He frustrates easily at times and is relying on us to get him out of pickles such as this one.

So close....
He can get out of the car on his own, getting in however is a horse of a different color.

In case you were wondering....
How to paint the door whilst baby is awake.

 Contain and feed him.

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