Thursday, June 19, 2014

10 months old!

I absolutely cannot believe our baby is 10 months old! Time truly does fly. I feel like I say that every time I post his monthly photo.

Liam weighs 22 pounds now! He has two teeth and loves being in his tiny pool or baby swing. He has started to confidently crawl (!) and has waved once. His newest trick is using one finger to touch things, just one, just the pointer finger. He is the best baby!

We also received our Citrus Lane box. These special deliveries are so exciting for me Liam to open! Something always gets used immediately. This time it was the truck while on a Target run.

Peeking in his room at the crawling baby.

The hands!
Crawling for the first time...can't believe I actually got it on camera. He just suddenly decided to do it and we couldn't be more proud.

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